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Yahoo! How are search results ordered?

Yahoo! search scans three main areas: Yahoo! categories, web sites listed in Yahoo!, and web pages indexed by Alta Vista. For the first two of these, Yahoo! searches for matches in its database and then ranks the results in order of most relevant to least relevant. Some of the factors that affect relevancy are: the number of search words matched (the more words matched, the higher the rank); exact word matches (these are ranked higher than approximate matches); and where in an entry the search words were found (a match in the title of a site is ranked higher than a match in the comments or the URL).



Customer Partner Virtual

Customer partner extension is an awesome module by which you can convert your magento store in to proper sale purchase site with tons of other options please find the documentation for complete information.

back end login

username : demo

password : demo123



★ Customer can upload the product .

★ Admin can assign customer to partner

★ Partner can assign all of his product

★ Updated Customer Account with payment information

★ Checkout mail to partner and customer .

★ Partner can assign the product category from the customer partner front-end

★ Default Module Support for Simple product only , but it can be extended for downloadble , virtual and bundle products(custom quote )

★ Seller can track their sales using interactive graph .

★ Product description and short description are associated with wysiwyg editor . This will help seller's to style their product information

★ Seller can track their Product Reviews

★ Using this module anyone create their marketplace very easily .

WorkFlow of the Module - seller as Buyer Workflow

This extension is having endless uses . For any query or suggestion please visit our ticket support system :



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